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TITO NERI Ref. N°. 2196
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4 channels. Quick-build kit with GRP hull.
Product information
In 1992/1993 the DETLEF HEGEMANN ROLAND dockyard collaborated with the DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIE-WERKE GmbH to design and build two tugs for the Italian Shipping Company TITO NERI RIMORCHIATORI based at Livorno. The ships are of identical design and were assigned the names TITO NERI and ALGERINA NERI. They currently rate amongst the most modern ocean-going and harbour assistance tugs in the world. Their towing equipment consists of a combination of winches on the after deck and foredeck. Each winch is driven by a hydraulic motor and has a tractive power of 15 t. The tugs are also equipped with a powerful fire-fighting system and a fire self-protection system. The manoeuvrability required for these vessels intended tasks is provided by two Schottel drive systems and a bow thruster. Total engine power of 2x2000 BHP provides a forward thrust of 55t, and the maximum running speed is 12.5 kn. Our semi-scale model of the TlTO NERl is designed to a scale of 1:33, and is based on documents supplied by the dockyard and the shipping company. Like the full-size vessel the model features a very powerful propulsion system with two semi-scale Schottel propeller units driven by a pair of powerful electric motors. These units, in conjunction with the bow thruster, endow the model with impressive running and manoeuvring capabilities, making the model a fascinating exercise to operate and control. With its large size, its bluff hull and its considerable displacement the model also exhibits excellent stability on the water. The model's complex and extensive detailing reproduces all the characteristic features of the original and will satisfy the demands of the more advanced model builder. Installing a TOP-SOUND 6 («tug») sound module provides the icing on the cake, giving a convincingly realistic simulation of the vessel's operating sounds, including diesel engines, foghorn, horn and winch.The fire-fighting monitors are also working models, and other auxiliary working systems can also be installed, although details are left up to the builder. Although the model is intended for the advanced builder, nevertheless the large number of high quality pre-fabricated parts in the kit and fittings set simplify and speed up its construction substantially. The GRP hull is very strong and of complex construction, with all openings pre-cut using CNC-machines and the support surfaces for the two Schottel drive units accurately pressure-moulded. The vacuum-moulded ABS parts for the wheelhouse are also supplied with all windows and other openings CNC-machined. The hull is rendered torsionally rigid by the installation of a plywood deck and bulkheads, and these parts are supplied accurately die-stamped. The fittings set is very extensive and contains all the parts required to give the model a scale appearance, including towing winches, boat crane hydraulic crane, fire monitors and dozens of other small parts.
Contents of the quick-build kit
Quick-build plans and building instructions in German, English and French. CNC-machined GRP hull, CNC-machined vacuum-moulded ABS parts for the superstructure, various other vacuum-moulded ABS parts, printed and die-cut wooden parts for decks, bulkheads and reinforcements, strip material, wire, rod and tube, decor sheet
R/C functions
Rotation of the Schottel drive units through 180° (approx.), Forward - stop - reverse running with infintely variable speed control, Bow thruster, Fire monitor pump ON/OFF, Sound simulation via TOP-SOUND 6 (»tug«) Other working systems are possible at the builder's discretion.
Overall length approx. 975 mm
Beam approx. 320 mm
Draught approx. 140 mm
Overall height approx. 650 mm
Empty weight approx. 4.5 kg
Max. all-up displacement approx. 18 kg 769 t
Scale 1:33

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