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SEA EXPLORER Motor Yacht Ref. N░. 2045
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Junior RC model boats. For 2-function radio control. Ready-made model boats, completely assembled and painted, with decals applied. Factory-installed electric motor and radio control system.  
Product information
The small model boats of the JUNIOR LINE series are of semi-scale design, and are perfect for children of 6 years and over. They offer the ideal starting point for any budding young model builder. In spite of their low price all these models convincingly reproduce the essential characteristics of the full-size vessels. In particular, the U.S. Coastguard Boat and the OCEAN TRAWLER launch feature good detailing, including strong brass railings. Each boat is powered by two electric motors with independent speed control, i.e. the speed and direction of the boats are controlled by varying the rotational speed and direction of the two propellers. The transmitter control system required for this is very simple, making the models easy to control. The boats are delivered completely assembled and ready to run. All you have to do is fit the cells (dry or rechargeable), and the fun can start. The Mini PACER swamp boat is also suitable for running on smooth areas of snow or ice.
Pack contents
Factory-assembled model boat, ready to run, with decals applied as illustrated; operating instructions, compact radio control transmitter specially designed for childrens hands, spare propeller.
RC functions
Directional control via differential motor speed Single-stage speed control forward / reverse

Overall length approx. 420 to 450 mm
Beam approx. 150 mm
All-up weight incl. RC approx. 560 to 900 g

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