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LIPOPMAT 5-4000 Ref. N░. 8496
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Fast charger for Lithium and Lithium-Polymer batteries with integral Equalizer (balancer).
Product information
This unit features five separate and highly accurate charge outputs which work independently of each other.The cells of the pack are charged individually to a final charge voltage of 4.2 Volts via the Voltage Sensor lead attached to the Lithium battery. This ensures that all cells are at the same voltage at the end of the charge process, without any loss of time.
The Voltage Sensor lead automatically determines the Number of cells; all the user has to do is set the charge current to 1,  2 or 4 Amps.
The charge process is extremely simple to operate. The back of the charger features a socket for the Voltage Sensor lead. A parallel bank of screw terminals is also fitted, so that higher charge currents can be used, or a different Voltage Sensor connector system.
For charge currents above 2 Amps we recommend the use of Voltage Sensor cables with a larger
cross-section of 0.33 sq. mm.
Input voltage: 11-15V
Charge current: 1-4 A
Dimensions: 135x100x60 mm
Weight: ????


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