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Lipoly Equalizer Ref. N°. 8446
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Product information
The purpose of the Li-Poly Equalizer is to bring individual Li-Poly cells to the same voltage level when they are wired together in series to form a battery pack. This is necessary since individual cells tend to develop different states of charge, or voltage, when discharged, although the tendency may be more or less pronounced according to the way in which the pack is discharged. Recommended practice is to bring the cells to the same voltage state in order to avoid overcharging or deep-discharging, which results in permanent cell damage.
The Li-Poly Equalizer carries out this task completely automatically when the pack is being charged. During the charge process the unit monitors the voltage of the series-connected cells, and brings them all to the same level. The Equalizer is simply connected between the Li-Poly charger and the battery pack. The parameters for charge termination voltage and charge current are set on the battery charger itself. The Equalizer corrects the cell voltage from the commencement of charging, in contrast to other types of voltage controller.

Over-voltage terminationOne special safety function of the Equalizer is a termination circuit which is triggered when battery voltage rises to an excessive level. If one cell of a pack containing 2 ... 5 cells reaches a voltage of 4.3 Volts, the charge process is immediately interrupted. The series-wired cells must be connected to the Equalizer via a sensor cable, in order to enable the unit to measure the voltage of individual cells. Ready-made robbe Li-Poly batteries are fitted with the appropriate connector as standard. If you already own Li-Poly batteries without the connector, they can be upgraded by fitting the appropriate connectors, which are available individually; see also the Li-Poly batteries on page NN102 of this catalogue. The sketch shows a typical wiring arrangement with a Li-Poly battery charger, Equalizer and battery, and the method of connecting the sensor.

The Equalizer can also be used to discharge the pack if necessary, and to balance the level of the final discharge voltage. The unit can either be used independently (very slow discharge rate) or by connecting it to a battery charger set to discharge mode.



Dimensions: 140x108x52 mm
No. of LiPo cells: 1...5
Input: from charger
Charge current: from charger
Protective functions: Galvanic separation of input and output, thermal fuse reverse polarity protection

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