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Power Peak ULTIMATE Ref. N°. 8427


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Power Peak ULTIMATE: the ultimate intelligent charging station for NC and NiMH batteries consisting of 1...25 cells and lead-acid batteries of 2...12 Volts, incorporating battery management features. This unit charges and maintains your batteries at a variable charge current of 0.1...5 Amps. NC or NiMH battery packs can be charged using automatic or manual settings. Ten memories are available for storing set values.

# Charge
# Discharge (only NC and NiMH)
# Discharge-charge (only NC and NiMH)
The large 2 x 16-character dot matrix LCD screen displays the menu system, which can be set to German or English.

Accurate push-buttons are used to set the following parameters, which can be read directly from the screen:

# Set: Charge current, discharge current
# Ref. N°. of cells, battery capacity
# Battery type: NC, NiMH or lead-acid
# Automatic or manual charge process
# Beeper On - Off Display:
# Discharged / charged-in capacity
# Charge time, charge voltage
# Active charge-discharge cycle

Input voltage: 11 - 15 V
Dimensions: 140 x 108 x 52 mm
Charge current: 0.1 - 5 A
Ref. N°. of NC cells: 1 - 25

When a process is started a "working display" automatically appears, giving the user full information about the current charge process at a glance. The screen displays charge current, charge voltage, capacity and charge time. The automatic digital Delta Peak charge termination circuit is optimised for NC and NiMH batteries, and switchable between the two types. In automatic mode the charge current for NiMH batteries is automatically limited to the 1C rate. In automatic mode the charging station automatically calculates the appropriate charge current, discharge current and final discharge voltage, and sets them to the optimum values. The ULTIMATE can also be used in conjunction with the Power Peak SPS 7A mains PSU, Ref. N°. 8415, and the ²³0 Volt mains supply. In this case the maximum current is restricted when high cell count packs are used.

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