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POWER PEAK INFINITY 2 LID German language Ref. N░. 8294LID
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Product information
The features of the Power Peak Infinity 2 battery charger have been expanded to include the following functions: Charges 1...5 Li-Poly cells
5 selectable signal tones
Special automatic mode for low-capacity batteries (slow-fly packs)
Tx-Rx output with automatic charge termination
Settings and displays
Charge voltage and charge current
Charged-in and discharged capacity
Charge termination voltage
Charge and discharge time
Input voltage (car battery)
Voltage at Tx-Rx output
Last 5 stored values for discharged and charged-in capacity
User-selectable charge/discharge cycles (1...99)
Automatic/manual charge current setting (NC/NIMH)
Selectable cooling off interval in cycle mode
Charge program with automatic termination for lead-acis and lithium batteries
Charge program with automatic termination for lead-acis and lithium batteries
Cooling fan only operates when required and during discharge process
Buzzer signal at end of charge/discharge process (switchable)
Front panel battery sockets
Backlit 2 x 16-character LCD screen with wide viewing angle
Computer connection
Input voltage: 10 - 15
Dimensions: 160 x 140 x 50 mm
TX-RX output: 250 mA
Charge current: 5 A
No. of NC cells: 1-30
Weight: ????

more Specifications
Fast-charge output: 
1..30 NC/NiMH cells, 1..6 lead-acid cells, 1...5 lithium cells
Charge termination: NC/NiMH automatic, digital Delta-Peak
Lead-acid and Lithium:automatic,voltagedependent
Charge current: Variable,max, 5A (varies with NC cell count)
Discharge current: Variable, max. 5A (varies with NC cell count)
Trickle charge
Protective functions: Reverse polarity and short-circuit protection
Low voltage (input)

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