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FUTABA SERVO S 3801, sailwinch or for retractable undercarriages Ref. N°. F-1255
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Product information:
Specialservo 150° for sailing boats

Very powerful proportional servo with about 150° of travel including trim, supplied complete with 120 mm long lever for sail setting in medium-sized and large sailing boats. With a standard output disc the S 3801 can be used wherever high power is needed, e.g. in buggies or large model aircraft. The servo travel can be limited using the usual transmitter adjustment facilities. Standard sheet travel approx. 250 mm. Suitable for model boats with a sail area of up to about 0,6 m2.

Technical data
Dimensions:: 59,2 x 28,8 x 49,8 mm
Weight: 107 g
Operating voltage: 4.8 - 6 Volt
Torque @  4,8 / 6,0 Volt:  112 / 140 Ncm
Transit speed @ 4,8 / 6 V:  0,24 / 0,2 Sek./45°

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