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MULTIcharger 810 WWC,  100...230V and 12V Ref. N°. 92528
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Product information
The MULTIcharger 810 WWC is a micro-controller based automatic
plug-type battery charger for NiCd and NiMH cells.
With its integral high-performance switch-mode power supply and
easy-change mains plugs this unit can be used all over the world.
The charge current of up to 800 mA makes it extremely powerful
for its compact size and light weight. As well as mains operation
the unit can be powered by a 12 V DC power source (e.g. car
battery). This means that the MULTIcharger 810 WWC can truly
be used world-wide (WWC = World-Wide Charge)
AC mode: 100-230 V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
DC mode: 12 V
AC mode: 1 - 10 cells, max. 800 mA
DC Mode: 4 - 6 cells, max 800 mA
Connector: MULTIPLEX M6
Cell capacity range: 500 - 5000 mAh
For cell types: NiCd, NiMH
Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 108 x 62 x 90 mm
Weight: approx. 350 g incl. mains plug and lead

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