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Automatic-charger Multicharger 4010 DC Ref. N. 92527


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            MULTIcharger 4010 DC

12 V automatic fast charger for 1 - 10 cells 4010 DC MULTIcharger # 9 2527. An all-purpose automatic fast charger with an extremely
attractive price : performance ratio. The MULTIcharger 4010 DC includes a micro-controller which provides accurate control of the charge process, and is designed to fast-charge NiCd and NiMH batteries consisting of 1 to 10 cells. The broad range of cell counts enables the user
to charge anything from single-cell glowplug energizers to 10-cell drive and flight packs, including 4-cell receiver packs and 6-8 cell transmitter batteries. The robust metal case is durable enough for the harshest of everyday conditions.
Suitable for NiCd and NiMH batteries
Fast charge
Infinitely variable charge current, range 100 ... 4000 mA, with analogue ammeter.
Discharge function for maintaining packs and avoiding memory effect with NiCd batteries. Automatic cell count detection and adjustment of final discharge voltage.
Automatic battery check before start of each charge, with battery fault detector and indicator.
Reliable battery full detection and termination using voltage monitoring and Delta Peak termination; safety timer and alternative (optional) temperature- based termination using sensor.
Switches automatically to pulsed trickle charge at end of charge process
4-LED monitor indicates Ready state, discharge, fast charge with status display, end of charge/trickle charge, defective battery
Protected against short-circuit, reverse polarity and overload
Set contents:
MULTIcharger 4010 DC fast charger with car cigar lighter connector
Adaptor with car lighter socket and battery clips
Charge lead with MULTIPLEX HC plug
Operating instructions

Input Power supply: 12 V = (DC)
Connections: Clips
Output voltage: 1.4 - 14 V DC (1 - 10 cells)
For cell types: NiCd, NiMH
Charge current: 100 ... 4000 mA
Connections: Banana plugs
Dimensions (L x W x H): 180 x 135 x 87 mm
Weight: 1050 g



Recommended Power- supplies: 
Ref. N. 6446 Switching mains power supply, 12 ... 14 V 10 A
Ref. N. 94451  DC Regulated Power Supply 12V/10-12A   

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