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LiPo Equalizer 5505 Ref. N°. 92505
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Product information
The MULTIPLEX-Equalizer is a balancing device for up to 5 LiPo cells. It monitors over and under voltage, as well as the voltage difference between the cells. Therefore only the direct access leads of each LIPO cell must be connected. The same way the ready configurated LIPO-pack is charged and discharged. The Equalizer is connected between charger and battery.
• up to 7A charge and discharge current possible
• high voltage resistent
• high balancing accuracy
• no hyperactive balancing
• balancing currents up to 500mA
• electrical disconnecting of the cell by excess voltage (>4.350V)
• electrical disconnecting by under voltage (<2.)

Cells: 2...5 (7.4V...18.5V)
Max. current: 7A
Dimensions: 110 x 60 x 13 mm
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