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RADIO-MASTER for PROFI CAR 301, 403 and 707 Ref. N░. 85158
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Data can be transferred to a PC and back into the transmitter, and processed in the PC, using the RADIO-MASTER software

Suitable for:
25214 Profi Car 707 Racing-Set 1:5 40/41MHz 
25224 Profi Car 301 Racer-Set 40/41MHz 
25225 PROFI CAR 403 Racer-Set 40/41MHz 
25230 PROFI CAR 301 Racer-Set-Synth 40/41MHz 
25233 PROFI CAR 403 Racer-Set-Synth 40/41MHz 
25236 PROFI CAR 707 Racing-Set-Synth 40/41MHz

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