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USB Simulator-Interface for MPX and a lot of other transmitters Ref. N°. 85153
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Product information
Length of the cable: 1,95 meter.
Learn to fly and practise your skills without risking a crash - without the need for tutors and club colleagues, and at any time of day, in any weather. The MULTIPLEX Simulator Interface and the free FMS flight simulator ( website  finally make this possible.
All MULTIPLEX transmitters (except the PROFI CAR) are fitted as standard with the MULTIPLEX multi-function socket (Trainer / Charge socket). No modifications of any kind are required. The FMS flight simulator and various MULTIPLEX models are already available, and can be downloaded at no charge from our website: We concentrated on emulating the actual flight characteristics of these simulator aircraft as closely as possible, and they really do give a convincing impression of the real-world models. Additional models will also be made available for the FMS in due course. The USB interface eliminates the need for special PC knowledge or expertise: simply connect the PC and transmitter to the USB interface, wait for the automatic driver to be installed, switch on the transmitter and launch the simulator. Within the simulator calibrate the joystick (= transmitter), and select the stick assignment. That’s all there is to it - you can get flying!

The Simulation-programms „, EasyFly2, Real Flight G3,
Reflex and True-Flight“ and other "copyprotected" programs don't accept this cable, they need their own cable with integrated "Anticopy-software-decoder!"

Hardware and software requirements:
PC with USB port, Windows 98 operating system or later (not Windows NT or Linux). For the FMS flight simulator your PC must be equipped with a 3-D graphics accelerator card, and DirectX 7 or higher must be installed.


USB Simulator-Interface for all* MULTIPLEX-, GRAUPNER JR- and Airtronics-transmitters, and also for a lot of other transmitters with 3,5mm pupil-socket. Also for some HITEC and FUTABA- transmitters. 

*For the old MPX-transmitters with 5-pin-socket remove the two red marked and not connected pins by pulling out with a plier. 

1 USB Simulator- Interface- Cable with 3,5 mm jack-plug for JR- and Airtronics-transmitters.
1 Adapter 3,5mm jack-plug / Multiplex-7-pin socket for MPX- transmitters.

Further compatible transmitters: 
Futaba: F-14, FC-28, FC-16, FC-18, T3PJ, T3PK, 3PJ
Lexors: Nova 4, Nova 4+1, Nova6.

For KYOSHO Caliber FUTABA FF-, SKYSPORT 4 and T4EX- transmitters with rectangular socket you need additional the 
Adaptor 8239 for FUTABA FF-transmitters.

For FUTABA FF-transmitters with 6-pin-socket you need our other USB-cable N°. 110651 or additional the Schüler 4 Adaptor F1581 for FUTABA FF-transmitters.

For FUTABA FX-transmitters with 2,5 mm pupil-socket you need additional the
Adaptor 8383 for FUTABA FX-transmitters.

For HITEC-transmitters Laser, Flash, Eclipse, Optic and, if pupil-socket installed, Neon mit Würfelsteckeranschluss and JAMARA Compa-X4+1 Trainer you need the USB-cable  Best.- Nr. 110651

For Graupner 47G, KYOSHO Caliber M-24, Walkera-4-channel, Honeybee-, BMI-E-sky, - and VORTEX- transmitters you need additionally the adaptor RF9016.

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