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Flexible stub aerial ROYALpro/ COCKPIT SX 40 + 41MHz Ref. N°. 75127
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Product information
Flexible stub aerial provides an unobstructed view and optimum freedom of movement for the pilot. The aerial is very robust and durable. Forget all about kinked, worn and corroded telescopic aerials (and poor contact security)!
It is important to use only the stub aerial designed for your specific transmitter; it is matched accurately to the device and provides a strong signal and good radiation pattern. * Using a stub aerial of a different make invalidates the general approval for operating this equipment. The technical design of a stub aerial produces different radiation characteristics, resulting in a reduction of effective range compared to a telescopic aerial. For this reason the standard telescopic version should always be used where operating conditions are less than perfect, or when you need long effective range. Please read the operating notes supplied with the stub aerial.

Length: approx. 360 mm
Weight: approx. 60 g

  For ROYALpro additionally required: Réf. N°. 75117 Adapter for short antenna.


Recommended accessories: 
75117 ROYALpro adapter for short antenna
75129 COCKPIT SX aerial swivel joint

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