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Flexible stub aerial 35 MHz + 35MHz-B Ref. N°. 75125
Flexible stub aerial 40 + 41MHz Ref. N°. 75126
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For PiCO- and COCKPT MM transmitters
A short helical aerial makes any transmitter easier to handle, removes the obstruction from your field of vision, and eliminates the problem of broken telescopic aerials. The stub aerial is simply screwed into the aerial socket as a replacement for the telescopic aerial.

Type approval always refers to the transmitter. When we submit a transmitter for approval we also have to submit all the components used in and with it. The transmitter is tested in conjunction with these components, and they are documented in the illustrated approval certificate. This also includes aerials and expansion units. For this reason approval only applies to aerials which are identical to the documented ones; in other words: other makes of helical stub aerial are not approved for use with our transmitters. If you use one, the transmitter’s operational permit is rendered
invalid - with all the legal consequences that implies! With a stub aerial effective radio range is reduced, so be sure to carry out a range check and only operate the model within the range limit.

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