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Servo Tiger MG digi 4 (UNI / JR / Futaba)      Ref. N°. 65131
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Product information
High-performance 20 mm digital servo for maximum accuracy and holding power
combined with optimum running characteristics. This is an extremely fast,
powerful servo, suitable for any application where high torque and good shock
resistance are required. The aluminium case centre section features cooling fins,
and ensures that the motor and servo electronics are adequately cooled even
when under extreme load. Metal gearbox with twin-ballraced output shaft.
2 ball bearings
Operating voltage V 4,8 ...6 V (6V) 
Torque approx.: @ 4,8 V (4,8V) 95Ncm;    6,0V  115Ncm
Holding power @ 4,8 V (4,8V)  105 Ncm;  @ 6,0V  125Ncm
Transit time @ 4,8 V (4,8V)  0,16s/40°;  6,0V   0,13s/40° 
Weight 56 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 40 x 20 x 40 mm

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