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A robust, reasonably priced servo for small models. It is very fast, powerful, and offers an extremely good power : weight ratio. Even in small model boats and multi-function models, the RC installation becomes much easier if these small servos are used.
The Tiny-MG is based on the Tiny-S servo, but features a robust metal gearbox and is therefore much more durable - it is also an excellent choice as a wing-mounted servo in model gliders and electric-powered aircraft.
Dimensions (LxWxH) 30 x 12 x 30 mm
Weight approx. 17 g (S), 20 g (MG)
Gearbox Plastic / Metal
Torque @ 4/5 cells* 26/30 Ncm
Transit speed for 40° @ 4/5 cells* 0,08/0,06 s
Recommended accessories
85022 Zubehör-Set Servo Tiny S/ Tiny MG 

893281 Gehäuse Tiny S/ Tiny MG 

893292 Zahnradsatz Tiny-MG
The servo comes with UNI-connector.

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