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Receiver Micro IPD   35MHz(A) (MPX) Ref. N°. 55967
Receiver Micro IPD   40/41MHz (MPX) Ref. N°. 55968
Receiver Micro IPD   35MHz(B) (MPX) Ref. N°. 55969


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PD - what’s that about? The abbreviation IPD stands for Intelligent Pulse Decoding, the “intelligence” being provided by a microprocessor
in the IPD receiver. The processor analyses the signals it receives from the transmitter, processes them (when necessary) and then passes them on to the servos. MICRO IPD
• 7 channels MPX connector version: 2 expansion adaptors
( 8 5060) are required for channels 6 and 7.
• The smallest, lightest and cheapest receiver incorporating IPD technology. Crystal Order No. 163
Technical data:
Servo functions: 7
System: FM/PPM
Superhet with IPD
Sensitivity: approx. 2 µV
Operating voltage 4,8 ... 6 V
Current drain: < 8 mA (without servos)
Dimensions:: approx. 52x29x16 mm
Antenna length approx. 900 mm
Weight: approx. 30 g

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