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Receiver RX-9-SYNTH DS IPD compact 35 MHz-A (channel 61...80) Ref. N°. 55905
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Product information
Highly 9-channel dual-conversion FM / PPM IPD receivers,
constructed using the latest SMT methods and incorporating Synthesizer technology
for critical reception conditions. The modern regulatory system effectively prevents
blocking, cross-modulation and channel inter-modulation when adjacent channel
levels and interference are high. Sophisticated, high-quality fi lter technology, based
on extremely narrow-band, steep-rise fi lters, endows the receiver with extreme adjacent
channel rejection and optimum selectivity. The extremely compact design and
in-line connector arrangement make it possible to install these receivers in small
models generally, and model aircraft with minimal fuselage cross-sections (e.g. F3B,
F3J, …) in particular. The RX-7-SYNTH DS IPD features two parallel battery connectors
to allow the use of this sophisticated type of power supply. Twice the cable
cross-section and double the number of connector contacts mean: minimum losses
and twice the safety margin.
Servo channel count 9
Reception system: FM/PPM DS IPD
Compatible with: FM / PPM transmitters
(2 - 9 servo channels)
Sensitivity: approx. 2 μV
Power supply: 4 - 5 NiXX cells
Current drain (excl. servos): approx. 15 mA
Aerial length: approx. 900 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): approx.56x22,5x24,5 mm
Weight: approx. 25 g

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