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RX-5-SYNTH IPD CAR 40 / 41 MHz (uni) Ref. N░. 55896
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Product information
No crystals required! A high-quality 5-channel single-conversion Synthesizer receiver exploiting IPD technology. Specially optimised for use in all areas of model car racing, including professional competition work. The receiver is also the perfect choice for model boats. The receiver is very compact, making it simple to accommodate even in the smaller sizes of model car (1:12, 1:10). Its five channels also make it suitable for use in 1:5 models in conjunction with the unique functions of the MULTIPLEX PROFI CAR 707, i.e. no compromises are necessary. The aerial is only 450 mm long, making it simple to install and accommodate in any model. Synthesizer receivers generally offer significant advantages, but they apply in particular to model cars and boats. In these models the receiver must be installed very carefully, comprehensively protected against damp and dirt, so it is a great help if there is no crystal to be changed when you switch channels.
Channel count: 5
RÚception system: FM / PPM  with IPD
Sensitivity: approx. 2 ÁV
Power supply: 4 - 6 NiCd / NiMH cells
Current drain: <15 mA (excl. servos)
Compatible with: FM / PPM transmitters with min. 2 servo channels
Dimensions (L x W x D): approx. 44x29x17 mm
Aerial length: approx. 450 mm
Weight: approx. 14 g
Connection type: UNI

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