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SYNTHESIZER receiver RX-9-SYNTH DS IPD    35MHz Ref. N°. 55890
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Product information
Synthesizer IPD receivers ... made by MULTIPLEX Unrestricted channel selection with the Synthesizer - no crystals required! RX-9-SYNTH DS IPD receiver A universal 9-channel Synthesizer receiver with IPD decoder. Dual-conversion technology makes it
suitable for use even in very “dirty” environments ( close to public service transmitters).
The integral battery backer, based on proven, robust Schottky diode technology, enables the user to install a power supply using two receiver batteries (5 - 6 cells).
Technical data
Servo functions: 9
Receiving-system: FM/PPM
double-conversion superhet with IPD
Sensitivity: approx. 2 µV
Operating voltage 4,8 ... 6 V
Current drain: < 15 mA
(without servos)
Dimensions (LxBxH): ca. 47x42x21 mm
Antenna length approx. 900 mm
Weight: ca. 44 g

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