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RX-6-SYNTH light 35MHz + 35MHz-B Ref. N°. 55876
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Product information
A miniature, high-quality, six-channel single-conversion Synthesizer FM / PPM receiver. Synthesizer
technology provides maximum possible fl exibility in terms of RF channel (spot frequency) selection.
No plug-in crystals are required; the receiver is set to the appropriate reception channel using the
familiar, proven process adopted for all our RX-SYNTH receivers. The latest SMT construction methods
ensure maximum possible reliability and vibration resistance in use. This receiver is particularly
good at rejecting interference when the BEC system is used in electric-powered models, as it avoids
interference from the power system affecting the receiver through the power supply cable. The low
weight, compact dimensions and in-line connector arrangement make the receiver a superb choice
especially for small model aircraft, such as park-fly models, HLG´s and mini-helicopters.
Servo channel count 6
Reception system FM / PPM,
Compatible with FM / PPM transmitters
(2 to 9 servo channels)
Sensitivity approx. 5μV
Power supply 4 - 5 NiXX cells
Current drain (excl. servos) approx. 15 mA
Aerial length approx. 900 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) approx. 52x25x12 mm
Weight: approx. 14 g


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