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Receiver RX-9-SYNTH DS M-PCM 35MHz (B, channel 182....191) Ref. N°. 55861
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Product information
High-quality, high-end M-PCM Synthesizer receivers with nine and twelve channels respectively. No plug-in crystals required.
Highly selective dual-conversion receivers constructed using the latest SMT techniques, designed for extremely critical reception conditions. The modern regulatory system effectively prevents blocking, cross-modulation and inter-channel modulation effects when powerful interference and adjacent channel signals are present.
Sophisticated fi lter technology with steep-rise, ultra narrow-band filters endows these receivers with extremely good selectivity and optimum selection characteristics: maximum reception security even in the presence of powerful interference.
RX-9-SYNTH DS M-PCM receivers are fi tted with quadruple LED monitors. In addition to a status LED, three LEDs indicate the total of the individual error memories (voltage, fi eld strength, signal).
The receivers feature an integral MULTIPLEX M6 high-current connector recessed into the end panel; this provides a secure power supply connection for the receiver and
servos, capable of carrying high currents safely (large conductor crosssection, six connector contacts).
When the receiver is used with a separate receiver battery, we recommend the use of the SAFETYSWITCH 12HD electronic switch harness, # 8 5069; this is fitted with matching M6 connectors at the input and output side.
Another innovative detail feature of the RX-9 -SYNTH DS M-PCM receivers is the cable security clip: this prevents all leads from working loose accidentally, and can be fitted to the receiver case if required. It is particularly recommended for models which
are subject to high levels of vibration.
Dual-receiver diversity operation is possible in conjunction with the diversity lead for RX-SYNTH M-PCM receivers, # 8 5070, and a second M-PCM receiver on the same frequency band.
Servo channel count 9
Reception system FM / M-PCM, dual conversion
Sensitivity approx. 2 μV
Operating voltage 3.5 V … 7.5 V
Power supply 4 – 5 NiCd / NiMH cells
Current drain approx. 50 mA (excl. servos)
Aerial length approx. 900 mm
Permissible temperature range -20°C… +55°C
Dimensions (L x B x H) approx. 64.0x48.0x25.5 mm
Weight approx. 61 g

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