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Receiver RX-7-Synth M-PCM  35 MHz A,  channel 61....80 Ref. N°. 55845
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Product information
A small, high-quality seven-channel single-conversion M-PCM receiver built using the latest SMT methods and incorporating Synthesizer technology. The carefully matched regulatory system prevents inter-channel modulation, overload effects, blocking and interference even when adjacent channels are at high levels. With its low weight and compact dimensions the receiver is also
suitable for relatively small model aircraft, while the in-line connector arrangement and slim case allow it to fit in slender fuselages (e.g. F3B, F3J, …).
Product features:
• M-PCM (MULTIPLEX Pulse Code Modulation)
Digital M-PCM data transmission, great data security, fast transmission (16 ms servo pulse), high control precision (resolution 3,872 steps / 12-bit)
• Synthesizer technology
Simple RF channel selection process, no plug-in crystals required
• HOLD and FAIL-SAFE function
• Integral error counter and indicator (voltage, field strength and signal errors)
• MULTImate-compatible
Simple set-up, read-out error memory, additional features can be exploited with the all-purpose MULTIPLEX MULTImate programming and test device
• RX-SYNTH DataManager
PC software for receiver settings, firmware updates via PC, and the exploitation of supplementary receiver features
Servo channel count 7
Reception system FM / M-PCM single-conversion
Sensitivity approx. 2μV
Operating voltage 4.0 V … 9.0 V
Power supply 4 – 5 NiXX cells, 2S LiPo / LiIo
Current drain approx. 15 mA (excl. servos)
Aerial length approx. 900 mm
Permissible operating temperature range - 20°C … + 55°C
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 44 x 29 x 17 mm
Weight approx. 23 g

At present MULTIPLEX M-PCM receivers can only be operated in conjunction with ROYALpro series transmitters in M-PCM mode,
combined with the HFM-S M-PCM/PPM synthesizer RF module. Diversity operation is not possible with the RX-7-SYNTH M-PCM

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