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Synthesizer RF module HFM-S     35 MHz (A+B) Ref. N°. 45693
Synthesizer RF module HFM-S     40/41 MHz Ref. N°. 45694
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Product information
The HFM-S Synthesizer RF module is the groundbreaking alternative for all ROYAL evo transmitters, replacing the HFM-4 crystal RF module. It is of particular interest to all modellers who have to switch channels regularly. The module requires no transmitter crystals at all: the channel is selected simply and conveniently by software. Your chosen channel is set on the transmitter in a Channel Select menu. Switching channels changes nothing in respect of transmission mode (FM-PPM). All receivers which work with a conventional crystal-RFmodule
(f.e. HFM-4) can be used. The HFM-S module can be installed at any time; the transmitter automatically detects the module when
you switch it on. An optional scanner module can also be added at any time. Caution: transmitters may only be operated on the
channels / frequencies which are approved for your country. Before using the equipment check the regulations which apply where you operate your
models.35 MHz (A- and B-band) # 4 5693
HF-Modul HFM-S  35MHz (A+B) HF-Modul HFM-S  40/41MHz 
Canaux 55...60 (255...260) /       34.950 MHz...35.000 MHz
Canaux 61...80 /                        35.010 MHz...35.200 MHz
Canaux 81...90 (281...290) /       35.210 MHz...35.300 MHz
Canaux 182...191 /                    35.820 MHz...35.910 MHz
Canaux 41...59 /           40.575 MHz...40.785 MHz
Canaux 81...92 /           40.815 MHz...40.985 MHz
Canaux 400...420 /       41.000...41.200 MHz


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