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HFM3-SYNTH RF Module 35MHz + 35MHz-B    Ref. N°. 45675 Channel 55...60 (255...260) 34.950 MHz...35.000 MHz
Channel 61...80 35.010 MHz...35.200 MHz
Channel 81...90 (281...290) 35.210 MHz...35.300 MHz
Channel 182...191 35.820 MHz...35.910 MHz 
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Product information
In response to high customer demand, we can now also offer a Synthesizer RF module for PROFI mc 3010 / 3030 and 4000 transmitters, for use in FM / PPM transmission mode*. This development enables all PROFI mc owners to enjoy the benefits of convenient, unrestricted selection of the RF channel without recourse to transmitter crystals. The HFM3-SYNTH Synthesizer RF module can be fitted to any PROFI mc 3000 / 4000 series transmitter, and is simply inserted in place of the standard crystal RF module. No transmitter software
update is required, and no modifications have to be made to the transmitter itself. The spot frequency is selected simply and quickly by means of two rotary adjustors, accessible using a small screwdriver.

Available channels / spot frequencies::
channel 55...60 (255...260) /       34.950 MHz...35.000 MHz
channel 61...80 /                        35.010 MHz...35.200 MHz
channel 81...90 (281...290) /       35.210 MHz...35.300 MHz
channel 182...191 /                    35.820 MHz...35.910 MHz

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