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RF module HFM3 M-Link 2,4 GHz Ref. N°. 45610
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Product information
The HFM3 M-LINK RF module is designed for the legendary MULTIPLEX PROFI mc series. PROFI mc 3010, PROFI mc 3030 and PROFI mc 4000 transmitters can easily be converted to the
new MULTIPLEX M-LINK 2.4 GHz transmission technology using this module. The conversion is accomplished by installing the 2.4 GHz aerial (with LED button for operating the 2.4 GHz RF module) in the transmitter together with the new aerial support plate, making a stylish combination. The special modes of operation Binding and Reduced Power (for range checking) are simply and conveniently activated using the newly installed LED button; this eliminates the need to use inaccessible internal buttons which may be difficult to operate. At the same time the LED supplies information about the operational status of the 2.4 GHz RF module, e.g. normal operation, binding or reduced-power mode for range checking. If you use a receiver with telemetry facilities (min. RX-7-DR MLINK or RX-9-DR M-LINK), and the actual voltage of the receiver power supply falls below a (variable) minimum value, an audible warning signal alerts you that your receiver battery is almost flat. This means that you are constantly aware of the state of the receiver battery, as well as the condition of the transmitter battery (as previously). An important extra safety feature!

Set contents:
HFM3 M-LINK 2.4 GHz RF module, PROFI mc aerial support plate,
2.4 GHz aerial and LED button

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