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ROYAL evo9 transmitter with synthesizer-RF-module   35 MHz (A+B) Ref. N°. 45303
ROYAL evo9 transmitter with synthesizer-RF-module  40 /41MHz Ref. N°. 45304
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Product information
ROYAL evo9 transmitter with synthesizer- RF module

The building blocks of a new design concept
+ Crystal or synthesizer and scanner modes, depending on model
+ Hand-held or tray-mounted - in one unit
+ Precision ballraced stick units in swivelling mounts
+ Ergonomically moulded stick-tops
+ Direct menu control system
+ Tilting aerial, fully retractable
+ Dual digi-adjustors
+ Large folding graphics screen
+ Cruciform digital trim assembly
More facts:
• 9 or 12 channels
• 4 flight modes per memory
• 15 /20/36 model memories
• 3 timers
• 14 mixers (11 free mixers)
• Freely selectable transmittermodes
• Quick setup using “Types”
• Selective Trainer mode, Teacher or Pupil transmitter
• Comprehensive software for fixedwing models and helicopters
• PC connectivity, upgradeable.

ROYAL evo 9-channel transmitter with 6/1800 mAh NiMH battery and HFM-S module.


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