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Scanner-Module  for HFM-S  35 MHz A + B-band Ref. N°. 45170
Scanner-Module  for HFM-S  40 and 41 MHz Ref. N°. 45171
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Product information
The scanner module can be installed in any MULTIPLEX ROYAL evo transmitter which is fitted with an HFM-S Synthesizer RF module. It
enables the user to search the transmitter’s frequency band for channels which are already in use. The channels in use, and the field strength
of each transmitter, are displayed in a clear graphic (bar) form on the transmitter screen. When you switch the transmitter on the scanner also
checks automatically whether your selected transmission channel is free. The transmitter only activates the RF module (power-on guard) if that
channel is actually vacant. This is an extremely useful aid, and represents a major contribution to improved security in model sport. The scanner
module can be installed very easily at any time; it is simply plugged onto the HFM-S Synthesizer RF module.

Following channels ars scanned:
Channel 55...60 (255...260) /       34.950 MHz...35.000 MHz
Channel 61...80 /                        35.010 MHz...35.200 MHz
Channel 81...90 (281...290) /       35.210 MHz...35.300 MHz
Channel 182...191 /                    35.820 MHz...35.910 MHz

Channel 41...59 /                       40.575 MHz...40.785 MHz
Channel 81...92 /                       40.815 MHz...40.985 MHz
Channel 400...420 /                    41.000...41.200 MHz

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