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COCKPIT SX single transmitter 35 MHz + 35MHz-B Ref. N°. 45150
COCKPIT SX single transmitter 40 + 41 MHz Ref. N°. 45151
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Cockpit SX – the logical development of an innovative transmitter concept

The COCKPIT SX is the successor to the successful COCKPIT MM, thousands of which have been sold. The new system was developed with the aim of combining the proven building blocks of the COCKPIT MM with the latest, leading-edge technology to create a modern 7-channel FM/PPM radio control system with a unique price: performance ratio. The system meets all the needs of the ambitious beginner and weekend pilot, but it also has plenty to offer an expert who is looking for a compact second system.

Proven features from the COCKPIT MM:
• simple to operate, with a clear, comprehensible menu structure
• fast and convenient to adjust using the 3-D digi-adjustor
• ergonomically shaped case, low overall weight
• modern digital trims for convenience and safety when changing between model memories
• NiMH transmitter battery as standard for long operating times
• practical mixer and set-up facilities

New features in the COCKPIT SX:
We have combined established features from the COCKPIT MM with a range of new technical facilities. The result is the following list of expansions and improvements:
• The world’s first in this class:
Synthesizer RF technology as standard optional Scanner and Channel-Check
• further improved ergonomics
• FLASH micro-controller technology – simple update method for software upgrades
• Even more model memory space
• can be used as Teacher or Pupil transmitter in Training mode; Trainer switch as standard
• even wider set-up and mixer facilities, e. g. comprehensive mixers for four-flap wing, flight phase switching, mixers for all current rotor head types (CCPM), 5-point throttle / collective pitch curve, …
Take a few moments to read through the new system’s comprehensive features, and we are confident you will want to own the MULTIPLEX COCKPIT SX.

The features of the COCKPIT SX:
• 7 proportional channels FM/PPM transmission
• 2 model memories
• Completely expanded as standard
No extras to fit The transmitter is equipped with:
• 2 x dual-axis stick units
• 2 x proportional controls
• 3 x 2-position switches
• 1 x 3-position switch
• 2 x momentary switches
• NiMH transmitter battery
• Ultra-simple to operate
All settings can be selected and adjusted, in just a few moments, with the help of the clear LCD screen, the logically structured and arranged menus, and the proven 3-D digi-adjustor.
• Modern, ergonomically efficient design
• individually adjustable precision stick units, positioned to suit the natural angle of your hands
• alternative variable-length stick tops
• all switches and transmitter controls arranged within easy reach for instant access
• large LCD screen positioned in the line of sight
• very low weight (only 760 g incl. battery) for long periods of fatigue-free control
• The latest Synthesizer RF technology
Synthesizer RF technology as standard: no more plug-in crystals for selecting the RF spot frequency. Just call up the appropriate menu and select the channel quickly, safely and simply. Optional Scanner module with Scan and Channel-Check functions available.
• Digital trim system
The trims take the form of rocker buttons; the current trim settings are always displayed on-screen. The transmitter emits an audible beep each time you alter the trim by one increment, move it to the centre or to either end-point. The trim settings for each model are always stored automatically when you switch between memories, and also when changing to a different flight phase (flight-phase specific trim).
• Modern FLASH micro-controller technology
A simple means of updating the software when revisions become available.
• Long operating times The operating time with the PERMABATT 500 mAh NiMH transmitter battery over six hours!
• Comprehensive set of practical mixer and set-up facilities
For fixed-wing aircraft (power models, deltas, flying wings, gliders with up to 4 wing flaps, e.g. F3B / F3J), and helicopters fitted with all current rotor head types.
1 COCKPIT SX transmitter
completely expanded, including:
2 prop. channel controls, 4 switches, 2 momentary switches, 3-D digi-adjustor and PERMABATT 6/ 500 mAh NiMH transmitter battery

Servo channel count 7
Model memories 2
Transmission mode FM/PPM
RF Synthesizer
Power supply 7.2 V (6 cells, AA-size)
Current drain approx. 200 mA
Servo signal format .5 ms (centre) +/- 0.55 ms at 00% servo travel
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 90 x 5 x 50 mm
Weight approx. 760 g (incl. transmitter battery)

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