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Cockpit MM transmitter, completely assembled 35 MHz (A+B) Ref. N.  45117
Cockpit MM transmitter, completely assembled 40/41 MHz Ref. N. 45118


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Transmitter Cockpit MM, completely assembled

COCKPIT MM ... fits the bill PRECISELY!The handy, compact set for the sports pilot. What the COCKPIT MM offers
Light weight (now with 1500 mAh battery, and still only 660 g fully expanded)
Maximum 7 channels
Variable travel, centre pulse width and direction of rotation for all servo channels
9 model memories
Numeric screen displays, plain English information
Dual Rates and Expo on elevator, rudder and ailerons; on roll, pitch-axis and yaw for helicopters
Can be used in standard form as pupil transmitter
Multi-function socket (for PC interface, flight simulator and other purposes)
15 ready-made mixers, user-variable
Stopwatch with alarm, operating hours timer.
and optional: Channel-Check! (35 or 40 MHz only)


1 COCKPIT MM transmitter fitted with 1 slider, 4 switches, 1 rotary adjustor, 1 6/1500 mAh NiMH transmitter battery



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