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Profi mc 4000 International-Set with Scanner 35 MHz (A) Ref. N°. 35920
Profi mc 4000 International-Set with Scanner 40 MHz Ref. N°. 35921


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PROFI mc 4000... the absolute top-notch system for winners!
with even more facilities:
• Scan mode (optional) This function checks the full frequency band you are using, either at close or long range, and displays
the results in graphicform.
• 12 channelsequal-value, equally fast.
• Unrestricted assignment of transmitter control and servos
• More timer functions Lap counter with 99 lap time memories, 5 freely programmable timers per model.
• More mixer and adjustment facilities, e.g. • More model memories 25-100 models can be stored in the transmitter, depending on complexity. Each can have up to 5 flight modes and variable transition times (0.1 - 10 sec).
• More help for “everyday flying”, e.g.
- AUTO-TRIM - trim settings are stored when you switch flight modes
- SERVO MONITOR shows the servo travels on-screen simultaneously for all functions
- SETUP CURVES (e.g. throttle/collective pitch) can be displayed in graphic form
- SPEECH OUTPUT using the optional CO-PILOT module.

1 PROFI mc 4000 transmitter, incl. scanner fitted with 2 sliders 6 switches and digi-adjustor
1 6/1800 mAh NiCd transmitter battery
1 RF module
1 Mini DS IPD receiver (UNI)
1 pair of crystals
4 servos (UNI)
1 switch harness with charge socket, UNI/MPX
1 4/1400 mAh NiCd receiver battery
1 set of charge leads
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