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ROYAL evo 7 Vario-Set with quartz-RF-module 35 MHz (A) Ref. N. 35350
ROYAL evo 7 Vario-Set with quartz-RF-module 35 MHz (B) Ref. N. 35350.B
ROYAL evo 7 Vario-Set with quartz-RF-module 40/41 MHz Ref. N. 35351


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ROYAL evo7 transmitter with quartz- RF module

The MULTIPLEX ROYAL evo entry-level RC systemThe new ROYAL evo 7 offers a low-cost path into the
latest, totally up-to-date line of radio control systems from MULTIPLEX - the ROYAL evo. The ROYAL evo 7 must be the first choice for the ambitious weekend pilot, whether your preference is for power models, gliders or helicopters. Contents:
1 ROYAL evo 7 transmitter
1 HFM-4 crystal RF module
1 6/1500 mAh NiMH transmitter battery
1 Micro IPD (UNI) receiver
Please order crystals separately!


Transmitter Royal evo 7 K with battery Akku 6/1500 mAh NiMH and RF- module.
1 receiver Micro IPD (UNI)



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