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Complete model EasyGlider Electric RR Ref. N°. 264207
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Product information
In addition to the kit version of the EasyGlider electric we
can now supply this successful model in factory-built form, with servos installed.
All you have to do is fi t the tail surfaces (due to packaging restrictions), connect the
servos to a receiver and fl ight battery (not included in the kit), and you’re
ready for the fi rst launch. If you wish, you can also apply
the decals. And all this at super prices!

Pack contents:
• 1 EasyGlider electric model, factory-built, servos installed and linkages connected
• 2 Nano-S servos (installed)
• 2 Tiny-S servos (installed)
• 1 X-16 speed controller, connected to the motor
• Permax 400 power set with gearbox, prop and propadapter
• 2 Extension leads (installed in the wings)
• 1 Decal sheet
• 1 Instructions

Remaining work:
• Attach the prepared tailplane and fi n to the fuselage, connect the prepared pushrods (horns and swivel pushrod connectors already fi tted)
• Install your receiver and fl ight battery
• Apply the decals, balance the model

Wingspan 1800 mm
Overall length 1130 mm
All-up weight approx.Powered glider 880 g
Wing area (FAI) 41.6 dm2
Wing loading: Electric: 21 g / dm2
With ballast (max. 350 g) approx. 25 g / dm2
(e.g. slope, or windy conditions)
RC functions: Ailerons, rudder, elevator, (throttle), spoilers if RC permits

R/C functions
Direction profondeur, Ailerons/Aéro-freins, régime moteur

Recommended accessories
15 6039   7/1500 mAh NiMH, M6 
15 6040   8/1500 mAh NiMH, M6
15 7011  2/1-1500P mAh Li-Batt, M6 
15 7017  2/1-1500PmAh Li-Batt, M6 
5 5971  Micro IPD, e.g. 35 MHz A-band 
5 5885  RX-7 SYNTH IPD, e.g. 35 MHz A-band 

Battery charger
9 2528  MultiCharger 810 WWC 

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