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SONIC- Liner, Complete-model Ref. N°. 264190


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Sonic liner ... a visionary modelThe concept: Long-haul journeys in the future - flying faster, higher, more economically and in greater comfort. 
Speeds close to the sound barrier, altitudes above 40,000 foot (approx. 14,000 m). The result - one fascinating airliner. The model:
The SONIC-liner consists of a small number of components, and can be assembled rapidly. It looks utterly extraordinary in the air, but its flying
characteristics are sweet-natured in the extreme. In short, it is a delightful model to fly. The machine is controlled using canard elevators and
separate ailerons. The power system consists of two 400-size motors in a pusher configuration. The outboard wing panels and canards are 
removable for ease of transport, and the model can be transported easily on the back seat or in the boot of even quite small vehicles. It can even 
be packed in its original carton if the fins are also removed. Access to the aileron servos and power system is through the
removable fin / motor fairing. The SONIC-liner is designed for hand-launching and belly-landing. This ensures that the model is highly
realistic in flight, and landings on grass surfaces are perfectly safe. However, the instructions also include information on making an undercarriage 
or take-off dolly if you have access to a smooth, hard landing strip.
· Outboard wing panels removable for transport.
· Can be assembled ready to fly in just a few hours; no sanding or painting required. However, the model can be painted; the instructions include 
notes on finishing methods.
· Motors and propellers included in the kit.
· Fascinating appearance in the air.
· Docile flying characteristics.

Kit 21 4190, three Nano-S servos, PiCO-control 400 Duo speed
controller, 8/3000 NiMH battery.

Wingspan 115 cm
Length 130 cm
Weight approx. 1600 g
Wing area approx. 42 dm²
Motors 2 x 400 6V
Battery7/1200 to 8/3000 mAh
Controls: Aileron, elevat., throttle


Recommended accessories:
92527 Ladegerät MULTIcharger 4010 DC
156027 PERMABATT A.-Ak. NiMH 8/3000-SC-2L (HS)
592720 ZACKI leicht verdickt 10g VE 10
592824  Zacki Aktivator 50ml, VE10

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