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PROFI CAR 301 Racer-Set-Synth  40/41 MHz Ref. N°. 25230


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PROFI CAR• Ergonomically optimized design
• Weight less than 600 g (incl. battery)
• Three variants: From the entry-level
PROFI CAR 301, the affordable first step into PROFI territory,
via the PROFI CAR 403 right up to the top transmitter, the PROFI CAR 707
• Ultra-simple operation
• Many highly practical software features
• Switchable FM/AM transmission
• 60 Hz pulse frequency for ultra-fast response. Profi Car Synth V2.0 SOFTWARE UPDATE for PROFI CAR
We can now offer the new V2.0 version of the system software for the PROFI CAR line 301, 403 and 707 transmitters, offering the
following expanded facilities:
• HRS (High Response System)
• Software expansion for Synthesizer RF module All the units of the PROFI CAR series will be supplied with the new V2.0
software as standard as of early August ‘03. Older units can be updated at any MULTIPLEX Service Centre.


1 PROFI CAR 301 V2.0 transmitter with 6/600 mAh NiCd battery
1 PROFI CAR HFMS-Car Synthesizer module
1 RX-5-SYNTH IPD CAR 5-channel receiver (UNI)
1 Mini-HD servo (UNI)
1 Transmitter charge lead

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