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Profi Car 301 Racer-Set  40/41 MHz Ref. N°. 25224

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PROFI CAR• Ergonomically optimized design
• Weight less than 600 g (incl. battery)
• Three variants: From the entry-level
PROFI CAR 301, the affordable first step into PROFI territory,
via the PROFI CAR 403 right up to the top transmitter, the PROFI CAR 707
• Ultra-simple operation
• Many highly practical software features
• Switchable FM/AM transmission
• 60 Hz pulse frequency for ultra-fast response. PROFI CAR 707 The system of choice for the ambitious PRO-standard driver.
Includes all the features of the PROFI CAR 403, plus 12 model memories and unique additional facilities to cope with large
1:5 scale models with up to 5 servos.


1 PROFI CAR 301 transmitter with FM/AM RF module
and 6/600 mAh NiCd transmitter battery
1 PiCO 3/4 receiver (UNI)
1 pair of crystals
1 Servo (UNI)
1 transmitter charge lead

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