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Twin-Jet 480 Racer´s Edition White Eagle Ref. N°. 214324
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Jet feeling ... it’s cool! Sports flyers young and old will be delighted with this model. Exciting manoeuvres from formation flying to intense combat are possible, and this is one model which can even survive crashes unscathed. Thanks to ELAPOR the airframe is strong enough to forgive most
“ground-breaking” manoeuvres. Its design, based loosely on typical jet combat fighters, underlines the sporting characteristics the
model is designed to offer. The Twin-Jet’s durability makes it a great choice for the inexperienced pilot when practising new manoeuvres, without having to worry about repairing the model after every flight.
>That pure jet feeling - it flies as well as it looks!
>Endless tuning possibilities - even brushless motors
>Low-cost flight batteries can be used - 1700 NiCd packs to 3000 NiMH sub-C packs
>Full-power flights for up to 10 minutes
>Assembly takes only about 2 hours
>Easy to hand-launch - no assistant or catapult required
>Tough ELAPOR foam for reduced crash damage
>Kit includes two Permax 480 motors, propellers and cable set

Model in ELAPOR with Permax 480 motors, propellers and special decal set.
RACER’S EDITION, the ultimate model for Twin- Jet freaks: in white with two 480 motors, giving vertical roll capability. 

Wingspan: 910 mm
Fuselage length: 802 mm
All-up weight, standard: min. approx. 1000 g
All-up weight, tuned: min. approx. 1100 g
Wing area: approx. 25.5 dm2
Wing loading: min. 36 g/dm2
Functions: A/E/M
Electronic delta mixer required. 

Recommended accessories:
92516 Ladekabel Hochstrom (HS)
156027 PERMABATT Antriebs-Akku NiMH 8/3000-SC-2L
92531 MULTIcharger LN-5014
65121 2 x Servo TINY S
72279 Regler MULTIcont M-32 (ohne EMK)
5821  Sekundenkleber zähflüssig (mittel) 20 g
3935.32 2 x Servo-Verlängerungskabel GOLD 320mm

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