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TWIN STAR II Ref. N°. 214210
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Product information
The classic - more than just ”updated’’ !

The time is ripe for Version II
Even after seven years the Twin-Star is still making new friends, but we would not wish to deny you the benefits of the technical advances that have been made since its introduction, so we now offer the Twin-Star II. Twin-Star flying is simply terrific fun, especially when a group of „real enthusiasts“ get together. Low-level circles, lower and lower until one wingtip is grazing the ground; or most loops in a particular time, or closest to the landing spot, etc.; the list of „fun“ tasks you can attempt is infinite. Nevertheless, the model is always very easy to fly, and even the advanced beginner will have no trouble controlling the machine. The Twin-Star offers instant success and real fun, costs very little, and - perhaps even more important - takes up little time in the workshop. In no time at all the model is finished, and it’s time to head for the flying field. You can even download a free flight simulator from our website, and start practising with the model even before your first „real“ flight.

What’s been kept, and what’s new?
Proven and good - so we kept them:
• The model’s overall design
• Its well-balanced flying characteristics
• The low-priced power systems
• The ease of transport

Good, but we improved them:
• The model’s appearance, with a smoother surface, neater detail solutions and a full-colour decal sheet
• Its flight performance, with improved aerodynamics (lower power requirement)
• Robustness: now moulded in high-strength ELAPOR® foam - a proven success
• Ease of transport - now with separate wing panels
• Even faster construction (no wooden parts)
• Screw-fitting motor installation makes upgrading easy
• Generous battery compartment accepts a wide range of alternative batteries, including NiMH and Li-Po

Upgrade components:
Two each of the following:
BL-X 22/18 brushless motor # 33 2302
MULTIcont BL-27 speed controller # 7 2275
MPX propeller, 8 x 3,8"   73 3145
LiPo Li-Batt BX 2/1-3200 157135 or KOKAM 3/3200 125622
1 x high-current socket for battery  336214


Kit contents
All moulded parts and small hardware items, GRP wing joiner, decal sheet, comprehensive instructions.
Complete power system, including propellers
2 x Motor Permax 400/6V
RC functions
Aileron, elevator, rudder, motor-speed
Wingspan 1420 mm
Length 1085 mm
Flight-weight approx. 1500 g
Wing-area (FAI) 43 dm²
Powered by 2 x Permax 4006 V (6V)
Recommended accessories
SC NiMH cells, 7/3000 # 15 6026
SC NiMH cells, 8/3000 # 15 6027
Li-Batt 2/1 3200 P # 15 7135
Micro IPD, e.g. 35 MHz A-band # 5 5971
RX-7 SYNTH IPD, e.g. 35 MHz A-band # 5 5885
4 x Tiny-S # 6 5121
Speed controller
MULTIcont M - 32 # 7 2279

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