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Alpha 21 Ref. N°. 214185


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Alpha 21 - The beginner’s model that “grows with you”! The alpha 21 is supplied as a factory-covered glider, and is designed for rudder and elevator control. The model is ready to fly as soon as you have installed the receiving system. The wings are factory-prepared for the installation of optional ailerons and spoilers. Provided that your transmitter has a suitable mixer, you can achieve accurate landing approach control simply by deflecting both ailerons “up”. The alpha 21 is a smooth-flying beginner’s model which can be guaranteed to give you a sound start.
>Strong GRP fuselage with hard white surface
>Factory-built wing and tail panels covered with transparent film
>Comprehensive instructions
Wingspan: 2100 mm
Fuselage length: 1050 mm
All-up weight: approx. 1100 g
Wing loading: approx. 25 g/dm2
Functions: R/E optional: A/sp.
Recommended accessories:
693053 EWD Waage
723381 Hochstarteinrichtung Domino
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