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Alpha 21  electric with PERMAX 600 motor Ref. N░. 214183


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The alpha 21 electric is aimed at the demanding beginner, and gives the new modeller an excellent chance of making a safe, consistent start in model sport. The electric power system provides the key to straightforward electric launching, followed by extended gliding flights. The electric motor set supplied, combined with the recommended flight battery, takes the model up to over 100 m altitude, 3 or 4 times per flight, for long gliding flights.
>Strong GRP fuselage, prepared for motor installation - bulkhead pre-fitted
>Factory-built wing and tail panels covered with transparent film
>Complete power set including
- Permax 600/7.2 V motor
- 8.5 x 6ö folding propeller
- Propeller hub and spinner
>Comprehensive instructions.
Wingspan: 2100 mm
Fuselage length: 1050 mm
All-up weight: approx. 1600 g
Wing loading: approx. 36 g/dm2
Functions: R/E/M optional: A/sp
Recommended accessories:
156026 PERMABATT A.-Ak. NiMH 7/3000-SC-2L (HS)
92527 Multicharger 4010 DC
763313 Modell-Rucksack Gr÷▀e 1

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