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Micro-Jet, kit Ref. N°. 214170


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Micro-Jet. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!A compact model that lets you forget all about transport problems. Naturally the roll rate and general agility of a model of this size are at an extreme level, and this means simply amazing fun for the pilot. Nevertheless the model’s flying characteristics are nicely balanced and good-natured. The Micro-Jet is supplied virtually as a one-piece model; the only separate parts are the fins and cabin, the bottom guard and the motor cover. The two servos (Nano-S) are simply pushed into the servo wells andsecured with a drop of glue. The control surfaces feature integral foam hinges. The standard power unit is a Permax 400 6V with 5.5 x 5” propeller and 400 Round speed controller, used with the matching 7/500 AR battery. This combination produces a wellbalanced, fast flying model. The Micro-Jet can also be upgraded in power terms right up to brushless motors, and the extra power makes the model even more exciting to fly.
· Supplied with blue and white moulded parts
· No painting required
· Major components moulded in tough ELAPOR® foam
· Vacuum-moulded parts for protection to fuselage bottom and servos
· New type of MULTIplug canopy latch
· Multi-colour decal sheet
· All small parts required
· Comprehensive illustrated building instructions.
Wingspan 660 mm
Length 600 mm
Wing area approx. 13 dm˛
Weight, standard approx. 450 g

Controls: Aileron, elevator, throttle
Micro-Jet kit incl. PERMAX 400 motor
The kit includes all the small
items (excluding RC system)
required to build the model.


Recommended accessories:
155648 Antriebsakku 7/N500AR-W (HS)
155650 Antriebsakku 8/N500AR-W (HS)
592720 ZACKI leicht verdickt 10g
592824 Zacki Aktivator 50ml, VE10

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