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Movie-Star-Which of us would not like to play 007 now and again and keep an eye on the neighbours over the fence, or maybe shoot a bird’s eye view of your mates at the flying site, or even record a little video sequence. With the MOVIE-STAR you can do just that! MOVIE-STAR is a purpose-designed payload carrier designed for aerial photography, capable of hoisting aloft a still or video camera. Modern digital picture technology has produced affordable lightweight cameras which are ideal for taking pictures from an airborne model. Image and video processing is also possible nowadays on any home computer, and these developments bridge the gap between two fascinating hobbies. Even a live transmission from the model to a ground-based LCD screen is possible using current technology. For your first attempts you can keep things even cheaper, as small disposable still cameras are available in the shops for just a few pounds.
Kit contents: All essential moulded parts, wooden parts and small items, two motors, propellers, cable set, wheels, decal sheet and comprehensive instructions. These include many useful tips as well as building and operating notes, such as how to operate various types of camera, and the conversion work required for the different versions. Designed for aerial photography
• to the side (through “door opening”)
• downward, through the open floor
>Pre-fabricated parts moulded in high-strength ELAPOR
>Direct-drive power system using 2 x 400-size electric motors; low-cost upgrade to 400L geared motors available
>Docile, slow-flying, stall-proof and inherently stable; ideal for aerial photography
>A great choice for initial flying practice and “Everyman” flying events (with photos?!)
>Ground take-off and hand-launch possible
>Maximum payload up to about 400 g.
Wingspan approx.: 1400 mm
Fuselage length approx.: 950 mm
Wing area, FAI approx.: 38 dm2
Weight approx.: 1350 g
plus payload up to approx.: 400 g
Wing loading min. 35 g/dm2
Typical airspeed: 8-12 m/sec
Functions: R/E/M, optional camera.




Recommended accessories:
155646 Antriebsakku 7/RC1700-2L-HS
332693 Umrüstsatz Getriebe 400L 2x, TUNING

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