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BIG LIFT ARC Ref. N°. 214091


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The legendary MULTIPLEX workhorse!

Since the mid-1970’s the Big Lift has been in constant use in many model clubs as a glider tug, and the aircraft has made a major contribution to the current popularity of aero-towing. The Big Lift can also be used just as effectively for training and practice. However, the original built-up structure did take a lot of time and effort to build. In this new revision of the Big Lift we have addressed this problem.

The fine qualities of the proven Big Lift have been retained, but the pre-fabricated kit now relieves the modeller of a huge amount of construction work. The wooden parts for the fuselage, wings and tail are now very highly pre-fabricated, and building time is considerably reduced.
• Complete, pre-fabricated all-wood kit
• Ready-made wing panels with pre-built ailerons and spoilers; factory-built tail panels and basic fuselage
• GRP cowl, variable length to suit different motor sizes
• GRP wing struts, aluminium undercarriage
• Decal sheet
• Building instructions
• Low weight; can also be used as an electric-powered tug

Technical data:
Wingspan: 2.400 mm
Length: 1.620 mm
Weight >: ca. 4.900 g
Wing Loading >: approx. 56 g/dm²       
Motor: > 800 W electric
> 15 cm³ 2-stroke
> 20 cm³ 4-stroke
but not more than  38cm³ gasoline
RC- functions
Speed- controller
Retractable gear
Tow- release

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