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TWIN STAR kit Ref. N°. 214037


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Hey, let’s go! The “beat” of two motors is simply wonderful. The motor thrustlines are carefully arranged to ensure that the model flies at a constant attitude regardless of the throttle setting. This setup combined with the model’s excellent longitudinal stability endow the model with goodnatured
flying characteristics which instil confidence and security in the beginner, whilst also giving the expert scope for a lot of gentle fun. The TwinStar makes an ideal trainer, too: reliable flying qualities, easy and uncomplicated to operate, low purchase price, and ease of repair if the occasional tree should leap into your path. Experts can enjoy teasing out gentle aerobatics, practise manoeuvres, and carry out demonstration flights which
might not be sensible with their expensive aerobatic machines. Touch-and-go, low passes, between-the-trees - or even “risky” flying such as chasing, combat, balloonbursting, limbo and other spectacles at open events - simply terrific fun!>Superb flying characteristics
For beginners, and modellers moving up to “full-house” control.
>Complete fittings set Motors, cable set and propellers included.
>Very short building time Can be completed in one evening.
>Finished surfaces Parts come out of the mould finished.
>The connoisseur can let himself go a little ... Low-level aerobatics, formation flying etc.The servo wells are moulded into the wing!






Kit contents:
Ready-made moulded parts for fuselage, wing, tail, control linkage accessories, two Permax 400/6V motors, cable set, propellers, decal set, instructions.


Wingspan: 1420 mm
Fuselage length: 1030 mm
All-up weight approx.: 1450 g
Wing loading approx.: 35 g/dm2
Power system: 2 x Permax 400/6V
Power supply: 7 cells, 1400 mAh
Receiver power supply: BEC
Functions: A/R/E/M. 




Recommended accessories:
156026 PERMABATT A.-Ak. NiMH 7/3000-SC-2L (HS)
603848 MULTIPOXY 5-min.epoxy + hardener 100g, VE 10

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