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Multiplex Li-Batt 2/1-2000P  7,4V/2000mAh    MPX Ref. N. 157016
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Lithium-Polymer batteries represent the latest stage in the evolution of cell technology. These batteries boast the highest specific energy of all rechargeable cell systems developed to date. An additional advantage is their low self-discharge rate, which means that they can be stored for long periods without requiring recharging. In contrast to NiCd and NiMH batteries the system voltage of a single Li-Poly energy storage unit is typically 3.7 V instead of 1.2 V, which reflects the special construction of the cell. In terms of voltage a single Lithium-Polymer cell is the equivalent of three NiCd or NiMH cells.
2 - 3 times higher energy density than conventional NiCd / NiMH batteries
High discharge rates
Ultra-light battery packs available for indoor and slow-fly models

Important: These batteries must only be recharged using chargers designed specifically for them; we recommend the Multiplex MULTIcharger LN-2010.
It is also essential that Li-Po cells are not discharged below 2.7 V / cell. The high energy density of these cells has a drawback: if they are incorrectly handled or damaged, there is a risk of overheating and combustion. Always charge these batteries on a non-flammable surface, and well away from inflammable materials. Be sure to read and observe the safety notes!

Pack for park-flyer applications, with M6 socket for motors up to about 480 size and comparable brushless motors.
Nominal voltage: 7.4 V / 2 cells
Cell type: 2000 mAh Li-Po
Dimensions: approx. 82 x 42 x 18 mm
Weight: approx.129 g
Fast-charge current (1C): max. 2000 mA
Discharge current: max. 25 A
Format: 2S / 1P, bare wires

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