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Product information
The JIVE offers a totally new concept that will convince you. It‘s functionality exceeds all you have ever heared about ESCs.

Even the appearance shows that KONTRONIK strikes out in a new direction with the new JIVE ESC. Its integrated shockresistant housing made from a specific polyamide protects the JIVE ESCs from mechanical damage and makes it waterproof.
The plastic material has been developed especially for injection moulding of electronic parts without tensions or stress for the electronic components.

Power by coolness
Obvious is the huge cooling plate, the second new feature of these ESCs. This cooling plate is perfectly connected with the power parts, provides good heat transfer and enables additional cooling to be realized. It is possible to raise their performance enormously by installing an additional air or
water cooling. The naming 80+ means: minimum 80A. With a good extra cooling it is possible to get up to double power.

BEC records
Further highlights are waiting inside the new JIVE ESC, for example the unbelievable strong BEC which is adjustable between 5 and6 V (6V) with ProgCard II. It offers 5A continuous BEC current with 15A in peak. That’s enough for all spectacular flight figures even in helicopters. To provide this power the JIVE ESCs have got two parallel BEC output jacks.

High-voltage surprise
Unique too is the BEC of the HV Types, which offers 5A continuous current with 15A peak current up to 12S (16-50V)! This after all allows a secure BEC usage for all applications
up to 12S, of course without any voltage swing and without interferences - proven by thorough tests on our own EMV test bench.

“Attention“, ESC shows initiative
Due to a second processor it was possible to extend the well-known JAZZ software with some new leading features. For example the JIVE alarms the pilot after the flight, when it was used in overload regions in order to prevent a later malfunction.

You like an F3A brake?
Additionaly an adjustable break was implemented, which allows F3A pilots to fly constant downward
passages during their acrobatic figures. 

Double BEC output
To use the full BEC current the second output jack has to be connected
to a free jack of the receiver by another BEC cable.

Cooling plate 
The cooling plate is perfectly connected with the power parts and provides a good heat transfer. It enables additional cooling to be easy implemented in order to raise the performance.

Programming jack
Connection for jumper or service module








Additional BEC cable as spare part
Can also be used to connect the ProgCARDs.
Order N°. 9250

Cell count (LiPo):  2-6 
Operating voltage: 6-25 V
Contin. current: 100 A
Max. current   (tbd)
Max. RPM with 2-pole-motor  (tbd) 
Length (without capacitor):  62 mm 
Width:  32 mm 
Height : 15 mm
Weight without cables:  52 g 
Weight with cables:   92 g 
Cable cross-section:   4/6  mm2
BEC current continuous:  5 A
BEC current max. : 15 A
BEC voltage:   5,5 V  - adjustable with ProgCARD II :  5 - 6 V
BEC short circuit protection:  yes
Auto Programming Mode:   yes
Stick positions programmable:  yes
Mode programming:  yes
ProgCARD ability:  yes
Helicopter RPM Control:   yes
EMF brake can be disabled:  yes
EMF brake adjustable (F3A)   yes  with ProgCARD II
Proportional brake (RC car):  no
Short circuit protection:   yes
False start protection:   yes
Polarity protection:   no
Current limiting:    yes
Overtemperature protection:    yes
Undervoltage cutoff:    yes
Undervoltage cutoff can be disabled:   yes
Variable cutoff voltage / cell:   yes, with ProgCARD
Slow down instead of cutoff :  yes, with ProgCARD
Active freewheeling circuit:   yes
LED status display:   yes
Overload alarm:   yes
PWM frequency:  8-32 kHz
Total copper thickness :  630 μm
Reversable rotation direction:  Ja / yes


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