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Intellect 12N-4200 G3,5 GMVIS,  14,4V,  3,7 Ah Ref. N░. 98940.12
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Product information
Intellect rechargeable batteries: GM-Racing presents the new super-cells for competition, offering incomparable voltage, capacity and cycle durability. In a protracted series of tests, with repeated improvements to the cells, the GM-Racing development team was able to improve the cells in such a way that they were able to meet the rigorous demands of GM-Racing and competition participants, proving to be superior to all other comparable cells. These cells offer an extremely high and consistent voltage level under discharge conditions, especially in the first half of the discharge curve; this makes the cells very interesting for the Standard racing classes. At the same time the higher capacity and superior voltage level over the full discharge curve give you that crucial edge when contesting any of the Expert classes. Even at slightly lower temperatures these cells produce an extraordinarily good performance for NiMH batteries, although they only develop their full power at temperatures of 50░C and over. GMVIS-treated Champion batteries have an extremely low internal resistance, and the selection process ensures that these batteries are of constant high quality, with a correspondingly extended useful life. Champion packs offer above-average voltage level and capacity, and set the standards by which all competition drivers judge their batteries.
Capacity 3.7 Ah
Number of cells: 12
Voltage 14.4 V
Weight approx. 810 g
Dimensions approx. 267 x 48 x 24 mm
Connector type: G3.5
Recommended accessories
Charging leads N░. 2970.L

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