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GMVIS Commander 2000 Ref. N░. 94401


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Product information
With the GMVIS Commander 2000 you are able to programm the new GM Purple SX9 ]High End- Speedcontrol very easy. And also read the datas of the special functions. GMVIS charging technology. Timer function. Cycle function. Delta Peak. Autochg. Motor function. Second charge output. RS232-interface. Peak termination.
GMVISTM charging technology
This charging technique has been developed by GM-Racing to provide the ultimate efficiency in competition driving. It increases the voltage of the battery significantly without causing damage to it.The advantage to you:Better acceleration and higher top speed for the same running time.

Timer function
At last we can put one thorny subject to rest: forgetting to charge your batteries is now impossible. This function allows you simply to connect your battery to the charger, enter a count-down time, and leave the charger to do the rest automatically

Cycle function
The cycle function permits periodic discharge - charge - discharge cycling with the purpose of monitoring the performance of your batteries. It is also used to revive exhausted packs. The charger can carry out up to 9 cycles completely automatically, and the screen displays all the resultant data when the cycle process is finished.

Delta Peak
Variable delta peak voltage: you can set the delta peak voltage you want, within the range 0 - 30 mV per cell, in the Cycle menu.

The automatic charge function detects the internal resistance of the battery and automatically sets the appropriate charge current within the range 0.5 to 6 A.

Motor function
The motor function, which you will find in the Charge sub-menu, enables you to run-in electric motors at around 5 V. Adjust the max. charge capacity in mAh to set the time limit for the process.

Second charge output
The GMVISTM Commander 2000 also features a second output for charging receiver and transmitter batteries with 4 - 8 cells. It supplies 150 mA and includes an LED charge monitor.

RS 232 interface
The serial interface provides a means of transferring data to your PC, i.e. the data displayed on the screen which is generated after a cycle process. This includes average discharge voltage, charged capacity, discharged capacity to final discharge voltage and discharged capacity down to 1 V per cell.You can also set the charger to transfer the battery voltage to the PC every second, and display the values on the PC's screen (curves cannot be displayed).

Charge: 1 - 30 cells Max. charge current: 1 - 7 cells: 9.9 A 8 - 10 cells: 8 A 11 - 20 cells: 6 A 21 - 30 cells: 4 A Discharge: 1 - 30 cells Max. discharge current: 1 - 6 cells: 20 A 7 cells: 15 A 8 cells: 5 A 10 cells: 3 A 20 cells: 2 A 30 cells: 1 A


Input voltage: 11 - 15 V
Input current: 10 A (6 cells)
Input current: 25 A (30 cells)
Size: 18.5 x 16.6 x 6.5 cm
Weight: approx. 1700 g
Temp. sensor: Order Ref. N░. 94400:1

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