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WP SKY HERO II Ref. N°. 9384
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Product information
The SKY HERO II is a good-looking high-wing model which is a great choice for pilots with prior experience in flying rudder / elevator designs, and for practising simple aerobatics. The selected combination of wing area and airfoil endow the SKY HERO II with excellent, good-natured flying characteristics. The model features conventional built-up construction: the fuselage, wingand tail panels are factory-built and film-covered, with decals already applied. The ailerons, elevator and rudder are already attached using hinges. The elevator and rudder are actuated using the Direct-Steel system (DSS), which ensures slop-free linkages. Very little work is required of the builder to complete the model; you simply have to join the wing panels, attach the tail panels to the fuselage, install themotor, fueltank and undercarriage, and fit the RC system components and linkages. A four-channel RC system is sufficient to fly the model.
Pack contents
Assembly instructions in German, English and French, with photos. Fuselage, two wing panels and tail panels factory-built and film-covered, motor mount, undercarriage, wheels, small items and linkage hardware pack.
RC functions
Wingspan approx. 1490 mm
Length excl. spinner approx. 1250 mm
Wing area approx. 45.45 dm²
Tailplane area approx. 9.69 dm²
Total surface area approx. 55.14 dm²
Total surface area loading approx. 48.09 g/dm²
All-up weight approx. 2650 g

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Recommended accessories

2702          OS MAX 46 Fxi

2715.33      Silencer

1318.28.15 Luftschraube G-SONIC 2-Blatt,  28x15cm, 11x6"

4101          Servo C 577 (4 pc.)


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