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BO 209 MONSUN Ref. N░. 9375


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RC power model. Semi-scale model of the legendary light sports aeroplane for two-stroke engines up to 80 cc capacity. For five-function radio control. Pack containing film-covered wing and tailplane panels, white-pigmented GRP components. 

Product information
The full-size BO 209 Monsun is a sports two-seater light aircraft of all-metal construction, approved for aerobatics, glider towing and banner towing. As prototype for our model we selected the Bo 209 which is stationed at the Schlei▀heim airfield. Like the original machine, our model is also suitable for aerobatics, aero-tow and banner-towing, as proved by the successes of Alfred Amarotico - German Champion in aero-towing in the Small class in 2003, and third place in 2004. The fuselage is of GRP sandwich construction, and other GRP parts include wing and tailplane tips, rudder, wheel spats and canopy frame. The wings and the tailplane are of conventional high-density foam / balsa wood construction, with GRP reinforcements, and are supplied film-covered; the wing panels feature factory-fitted root ribs. The control surfaces are attached using recessed ]knuckle hinge lines and pin-type hinges. The landing flaps are fitted with special hinges, which result in a gap between flap and wing when they are lowered. The vacuum-moulded cabin glazing components are designed to be glued on the inside of the white GRP canopy frame. The kit includes all small parts for producing the finished model aircraft, with the exception of the power system and radio control system components.


Pack contents
Comprehensive building instructions in German, English and French. All GRP / epoxy components, including fuselage, rudder, wingtips, tailplane tips, cowl, wheel spats, canopy frame, supplied with a white-pigmented finish. Sandwich-reinforced fuselage, main undercarriage unit, noseleg unit, film-covered balsa-skinned sandwich wing panels and tailplane, all linkage components including fueltank fittings, felt clunk pick-up and parts required to complete the basic airframe of the model.
RC functions
Elevator Rudder Ailerons Landing flaps Throttle
Wingspan approx. 2800 mm
Overall length approx. 2130 mm
Wing area approx. 117.5 dm▓
Tailplane area approx. 22.5 dm▓
Total surface area approx. 140 dm▓
All-up weight, according to fittings 15,000 g
Technical modifications reserved.







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